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Dont just take our word for it. Read what Michael Maule PHD Microbiologist has to say about Bruzz nailbrush.

"Hand hygiene in the time of 'Covid' has shown people that effective hand washing is an integral part of preventing disease transmission. Suitable nailbrushes are clearly central to 'Best Practice' hand hygiene.

Bruzz is important in cleaning hands which can carry harmful bacteria under the nails and fingertips which are essentially invisible.

Unlike most nailbrushes Bruzz is an attractive item to have on a sink in a washroom. However it is not just its good looks that make it so effective. The ergonomic design, ease of disassembly/reassembly for cleaning and its multi-directional fused rubber bristles make it particularly effective in maintaining good hand hygiene. As the 'Bruzz' can regularly be safely and effectively cleaned in a dishwasher, it will never be allowed to harbor harmful microorganisms"

Now more than ever it is vital to ensure we are washing our hands properly.

This doesn't just include our hands but our fingernails too. Studies have shown that regular gloving and handwashing can facilitate the release of germs from under your fingernails.

According to UK doctors and nurses the only way to ensure we are washing our hands properly is to use a nailbrush every time. Why?

Well germs tend to become trapped underneath our fingernails unless they're thoroughly scrubbed. Alongside soap and water we also need friction to breakdown and help lift dirt, grease and microbes - including disease causing germs -  from our hands and under our fingernails. 

Studies also showed using a nailbrush during your hand washing routine could remove 350 times as many bacteria from the nails and fingertips than ordinary hand washing alone.

Bruzz has revolutionised the nailbrush and your everyday hand washing routine. 

Not only is Bruzz nailbrush FULLY sanitsable, it is made with materials impregnated with antimicrobial protection, which minimises and reduces the growth of harmful germs and viruses.

Bruzz is the only nailbrush to use fused removable bristle technology, which is virtually self-cleaning.

The bristles are ergonomically designed, removable and triple angled, limiting the spray from cleaning fingernails and reducing cross contamination to other surfaces and surroundings. Removable bristles enable quick and easy sanitation or replacement.

Bruzz ensures the entire nail and underside of the fingernail can be thoroughly cleaned. Providing the ideal friction needed to remove dirt, germs and viruses. 

Its bristles are safe to use on hands of all ages and are gentle yet effective.

Bruzz nailbrush is Barbicide, Autoclave, Sanitiser solution and dishwasher safe.

For added peace of mind Bruzz Hygiene recommends running your Bruzz nailbrush through the dishwasher at the end of every shift or periodically throughout the day.

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