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The beauty industry has always known the importance of maintaining the highest levels of hygiene. However if the product used is not fit for purpose than no matter how hard you try, it can never be totally germ free. 


Selecting a nailbrush requires an understanding of brush construction. Bristles must first be made of materials which are non-absorbent. They must also offer flexibility to reach beneath the nail and strength to provide effective cleaning.

Bruzz nailbrush is ergonomically designed with triple-angled bristles ensuring the entire nail and underside of the fingernail can be thoroughly cleaned.

Using the right nailbrush, one that is not too aggressive, stimulates strong healthy cuticles much like toothbrushing does for the gums.

Bristles should always be fused rather than stapled. Most nailbrushes use the stapling method, which creates potentially germ laden pockets at the base of the bristles.

Fused bristles are easy to clean- virtually self-cleaning after each use. Bruzz nailbrush is also barbicide, autoclave and sanitiser solution safe.

For added peace of mind Bruzz Hygiene recommends running your Bruzz nailbrush through the dishwasher at the end of every shift or periodically throughout the day.

Removable bristles mean quick and easy sanitation between clients.

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